Paul Burnell

01 Jan 2013, Article
New album - some scores of which are already uploaded on MusicaNeo
Face Each Aged Ache - iTunes The new album by Paul Burnell - 'Face Each Aged Ache' is released today on iTunes.  Scores for some of the tracks on the album are already available here on MusicaNeo and over the next few weeks it is hoped that more scores from the album will be uploaded.  Some of the scores do not have traditional notation and may be listed on IMSLP instead.
24 Jul 2012, Article
Even more Recorder Ensemble arrangements uploaded
These will be the last recorder ensemble arrangements I'll be uploading for a while - movements from Debussy and Ravel choral pieces - 'Trois Beaux Oiseaux du Paradis' and 'Ronde' by Ravel, and 'Dieu! quail la fair bon regarder!' by Debussy.  You can find them in the Arrangements folder of my Scores Catalogue.  Like the Erik Satie pieces I uploaded recently, they were produced for an 'Eight Foot' recorder course in May.  Hope you enjoy them.  Scores are currently free to download, ...
14 Jul 2012, Article
Satie Recorder Arrangements
I arranged Satie pieces for a recorder course I tutored recently - mostly low recorders: Tenor, Bass, Great Bass, Contrabass.  I've uploaded the arrangements and you can find them in my scores catalogue under 'Arrangements':  3 Gymnopedies, Gnossienne No. 1, Ogives, Je Te Veux, Avant-dernieres Pensees.  Scores free, parts $1.50 per set.
12 Jul 2012, Article
Is That You? (or is it just me?)
Myself and my partner performed with the Contakt Ensemble at the weekend in the very reverberant Mile End Art Pavilion, London.  We played 'Is That You? (or is it just me?) - you can find it in my catalogue 'Solos and Duos'.  The piece was composed in 2000 after I experienced a rather quizzical encounter with a blackbird in my garden.  The performing venue had a lake with birds on it for a backdrop and so it all seemed rather apt.   I also performed a new piece 'Survey' based on map ...
17 May 2012, Article
Busy adding scores and parts this month - quite a few string pieces
I've been busy adding scores and parts this month.... some pieces for strings, a brass quintet, and some 'open-score' pieces where the instrumentation is 'flexible' and could be played by a variety of different instruments.   I've also noticed that I've now got quite a lot of string pieces (quartets, string orchestra, a piece for 12 violins) and would love to record an album of these.   Any suggestions for suitable performing/recording groups would be welcome.
11 Mar 2012, Article
Arrangements Project - Brahms, Berlioz, Satie, Janacek
This year I've started a new project - creating arrangements of classical 'standards', and then creating original compositions based on those arrangements.  So far I've arranged 'Hungarian March No.5' for 10-piece brass ensemble, 'Seul a la Maison' for recorder sextet, and 'the Shepherds Farewell' for Recorder Orchestra.  I've also made a start on arranging some Janacek piano pieces for String Quartet.
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