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05 Dec 2014, Article
Girl With Binoculars
Last year the wonderful UK ensemble FourSight asked composers to produce short pieces inspired by pictures.   I wrote a piece inspired by an artwork by Maddy Vian that showed a young girl with a pair of binoculars.   You can judge for yourself if you think the music brings this to mind in any way! The piece is flexibly scored, but FourSight played it on violin, clarinet, marimba and piano.   Other combinations are possible...
04 Dec 2014, Article
An upside down piece?
Paul Burnell has written a number of pieces that are inspired by the works by other composers.  The latest of these to be uploaded to MusicaNeo is 'An Upended Version of Chanson Bohème' for solo instrument and/or other instruments.  The piece was written in 2014 and is just over five minutes long. The Chanson Bohème ('Les tringles des sistres tintaient') is sung by the characters Carmen,  Frasquita and Merc é d è s in act two of the opera 'Carmen' composed by Georges Bizet and ...
29 Jun 2014, Article
Three Opaques - for tenor horn in Eb and piano
The 'Three Opaques' were recently performed in London at the Schott Recital Room, with Karen Burnell playing tenor horn in Eb and Derek Foster on piano.  The three movements have a total duration of eight minutes.
20 Jun 2014, Article
Ragtime - Erwin Schulhoff, from 'Fünf Pittorestken'
Recently uploaded score and parts of an arrangement of an Erwin Schulhoff piece - the second movement of his 'Fünf Pittoresken'.  The original has a tempo marking of Zeitmass Ragtime (ragtime tempo) and shows the influence of jazz styles that was to continue throughout his career.  I thought this would arrange well for recorders, and it turned out as a sextet - Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Great Bass and Contrabass.  The third movement is quite-well known as being made up of rests - in a way ...
22 Apr 2014, Article
Interview with Andrew Collis - The Stanesby Players New Music Project
Composer Paul Burnell interviews Recorder player Andrew Collis about the Stanesby Players New Music Project. Andrew, what prompted you to commission pieces for recorder, harpsichord and viol? Although there’s quite a bit of new music for solo recorder, there’s not much for our trio combination.  I wanted the pieces to be accessible for both professional and amateur players and to have some flexibility for the viol part to be played on violin or ‘cello.  I’m passionate about new music and ...
08 Apr 2014, Article
Mathematician Suite for frame drums
About six years ago I wrote four movements for solo frame drum player - which were performed by the wonderful Mr Chris Brannick.   Each of the movements is based on an aspect of the live or work of a particular mathematician: Pascal's Carriage - for riq Lorenz, the seagull, the butterfly, the storm - for darbuka The Nightingale March-Past - for bendir The Feynman Point - for tar or pandeiro Each of these four movements of the 'Mathematician Suite' are now uploaded.
14 Mar 2014, Article
Two new arrangements for recorder ensemble
Two arrangements by Paul Burnell now available to download. Both for recorder ensemble in 8 parts. Chanson Boheme - Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor 1 & 2, Bass 1 & 2, Great Bass Seguidilla - Soprano, Alto 1 & 2, Tenor 1 & 2, Bass 1 & 2, Great Bass
06 Mar 2014, Article
Performance - 'In the Margins' London Sat 29 March
World premiere of Paul Burnell's piece 'In the Margins' will take place with a performance by the Stanesby Players on Saturday 29 March 2014 in London.  Part of a concert of baroque music. Sat 29 March 8:00pm, Trinity United Reformed Church, Buck Street, Camden, London NW1 8NJ The score will be uploaded here shortly after the concert. 'In the Margins' is a suite in six movements for Treble Recorder, Viol and Harpsichord. The subtitles of the movements refer to types of 'doodling' - ...
17 Feb 2014, Article
Two rounds uploaded with recordings
Blue the Sky and Grey My Sorrow Look at the Sky Both of these rounds both have texts about the sky - one is optimistic, the other is mournful.   As of 17 Feb 2014 they are both free to download.  If you try out the pieces, please get in touch to let me know how you got on with them.
03 Feb 2014, Article
Keyboard score with recording uploaded
'Standing in the Rain' was written by Paul Burnell around 1986.  This is the first time the score has been made available.   The piece can be performed by any keyboard instrument.  The recording is a computer rendition of a standard acoustic piano, and peformers are invited to try it on other keyboard instruments.
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