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24 Aug 2013, Article
And I Said, "Hey Ted, You're Pixleated"
Paul Burnell's new album 'Cabbage Heads' is released on 2nd September.  The score and recording for the first track on the album has been uploaded - 'And I Said "Hey Ted, You're Pixelated"'.   The composition is for low wind/brass, and the recording features Tenor Saxophones and drum kit.  The album will be available from digital stores such as iTunes and Amazon.
26 Jun 2013, Article
New piece for low wind/brass, plus recording
This new piece, that has a very long title, is the companion to another piece (also with a long title) that is yet to be released.  'He Said "Sam, You're Out of Focus"' is for low wind and or brass with optional drone and optional cymbal. This piece has taken a short extract from a 19th Century piece and obscured the identity of it by elongating it and compressing the pitch range. The combination of instruments is determined by the the performers. Optional: other instruments play a drone ...
20 Jun 2013, Article
New Piece uploaded for Recorder Quartet (SATB) with recording
This slowish piece for soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders is very loosely based on Janacek's piano arrangement of Moravian Folksongs.  However, the melody has been changed and there is a just hint of the mood of Janacek's piece remaining.  Those interested may wish to compare it to another of Burnell's pieces 'A Spotted Version of Moravian Folksong No. 11'.  Recordings are linked to the score pages for both pieces.
12 Jun 2013, Article
Sedge Fen - new score and recording
'Sedge Fen' is a piece for three oboes or flexible ensemble (with optional drone), and the score has just been uploaded.  When performed by three oboes is is called '3 Oboes Drifting'.  It is a slow, gentle piece and was written as a companion to a much earlier composition, also available on MusicaNeo, called 'Tricorder' (3 Oboes Dancing). The recording is of 3 oboes with drone.
05 Mar 2013, Article
Recording uploaded for Janácek, 15 Moravian Folksongs - arranged for String Quartet
I know that sometimes synthesiser recordings do not always provide a perfect interpretation of a piece, but I've decided regardless to upload a synth version of my string quartet arrangement of Janacek 15 Moravian Folksongs - on the basis that, in this case, something is better than nothing.  If there are any string quartets out there that would like to try out the arrangement then please get in touch.
15 Feb 2013, Article
Janácek, 15 Moravian Folksongs - arranged for String Quartet
Paul Burnell came across Janacek's Moravian Folksongs as a result of listening to recordings made by Thomas Adès.  Paul thought that the pieces would arrange well for string quartet and finished work on the arrangements in 2013. Both the score and parts are available here on MusicaNeo. The Fifteen Moravian Folksongs were composed by Leos Janácek in 1922 for piano with the folk melodies presented with the song texts. Should the ensemble wish to include singers the string quartet arrangements ...
10 Feb 2013, Article
Abbess Gadea
Final upload from album 'Face Each Aged Ache'.  Here is link to album on iTunes:   Face Each Aged Ache A text score for off-stage instruments with optional drone on G throughout. The off-stage instruments play letters from the text as notes ad lib. (B = Bb, H = B natural, S = Eb). "Shh. Abbess Gadea has a bad headache. She aches. Ahead she faces Hades." There is no set duration.
04 Feb 2013, Article
Cocooned, recording uploaded
A recording included on the album 'Face Each Aged Ache' has been uploaded for the canon 'Cocooned'. The piece is written for 2 instruments in C, and 1 instrument in either Bb, F or Eb which means that the harmony produced will be determined by the combination of instruments that are playing. The attached recording is of 2 oboes and tenor horn in Eb.   Another interesting combination might be an oboe trio: oboe - cor anglais - oboe. Here is link to album on iTunes:   Face Each ...
25 Jan 2013, Article
There's a Tree Filled with Wings
One of several pieces to be uploaded that appear on the new album 'Face Each Aged Ache' Here is link to album on iTunes:   Face Each Aged Ache I was in Peckham Rye Park in London last summer and heard the faintest echo of a couple of notes of music - might have been a mobile phone, someone's mp3 player, I don't know.   Anyway, a melodic phrase developed in my head and when I got home I did a google search on Peckham Rye, and found a great quote from a biography of William Blake that ...
18 Jan 2013, Article
Mid-life, for 12 violins
'Mid-life' is the second track on the 2013 album 'Face Each Aged Ache'.  The score and parts have been available on MusicNeo for nearly a year, but now revised parts created in Sibelius have been uploaded.   It's quite a long piece - about 11:30.   Might make an interesting addition to a Symphony Orchestra concert where just the violins are used? Here is link to album on iTunes:  Face Each Aged Ache
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