Paul Burnell

17 May 2012, Article
Busy adding scores and parts this month - quite a few string pieces
I've been busy adding scores and parts this month.... some pieces for strings, a brass quintet, and some 'open-score' pieces where the instrumentation is 'flexible' and could be played by a variety of different instruments.   I've also noticed that I've now got quite a lot of string pieces (quartets, string orchestra, a piece for 12 violins) and would love to record an album of these.   Any suggestions for suitable performing/recording groups would be welcome.
11 Mar 2012, Article
Arrangements Project - Brahms, Berlioz, Satie, Janacek
This year I've started a new project - creating arrangements of classical 'standards', and then creating original compositions based on those arrangements.  So far I've arranged 'Hungarian March No.5' for 10-piece brass ensemble, 'Seul a la Maison' for recorder sextet, and 'the Shepherds Farewell' for Recorder Orchestra.  I've also made a start on arranging some Janacek piano pieces for String Quartet.
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