Paul Burnell

25 Jan 2013
There's a Tree Filled with Wings
One page score from album 'Face Each Aged Ache'

One of several pieces to be uploaded that appear on the new album 'Face Each Aged Ache'

Here is link to album on iTunes:  Face Each Aged Ache

I was in Peckham Rye Park in London last summer and heard the faintest echo of a couple of notes of music - might have been a mobile phone, someone's mp3 player, I don't know.   Anyway, a melodic phrase developed in my head and when I got home I did a google search on Peckham Rye, and found a great quote from a biography of William Blake that described an experience in Peckham Rye.... it all seemed to fit together and from that the score here developed.

Text adapted from ‘The Life of William Blake, Pictor Ignotus’ by Alexander Gilchrist. "On Peckham Rye (by Dulwich Hill) it is, as he will in after years relate, that while quite a child, of eight or ten perhaps, he has his “first vision.” Sauntering along, the boy looks up and sees a tree filled with angels, bright angelic wings bespangling every bough like stars. "



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