Paul Burnell

20 Apr 2017
'Little Era Ending Songs' now published and performance, Sat 22 April 2017
Chris Brannick and Sara Stowe in concert at Hay Music

Chris Brannick (percussion) and Sara Stowe (soprano) will perform an eclectic programme of music for percussion and soprano - described as 'East and West, medieval and contemporary, folk and theatre'

Saturday, 22 April 2017, 7.00pm. St Mary's Church, Hay-on-Wye, UK.

The concert includes a collection of songs written by Paul Burnell - 'Little Era Ending Songs' - dedicated to Chris Brannick and Sara Stowe - and which are now available from MusicaNeo.

The ‘Little Era Ending Songs’ are for soprano and vibraphone.

Each of the songs are a brief reflection on the demise of the human race presented in moods ranging from sombre to ironic to wry.

There are seven songs in the series: ‘So Many Will Fall’, ‘Turning Round the Sun’, ‘Charon Charon’, ‘Left Unsaid’, ‘The Petri Dish’, ‘The Last Lullaby’, and ‘Nowhere to Go, so Here We Go’.

The songs may be performed independently, or severally together in any order.

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