Paul Burnell

28 Aug 2017
'And She Flew' in concert
'Modern Times' concert at Morley College, London, 15 Oct 2017, 2pm, SE1 7HT

Jillian Bain Christie, Rosie Bergonzi, Catherine Herriott are performing at Morley College in October.  'And She Flew' is included in the programme.

The music is available from Musicaneo.

‘And She Flew’ was composed by Paul Burnell in 2006 and was first performed by percussionist Chris Brannick. The piece can be performed as a solo or together with accompanying instruments playing a quiet tremolo.

The performer speaks rhythmically and at the same time rubs together the palms of their hands, or sandpaper blocks, with the same spoken rhythm and also where marked in the text with dashes (- - - - -).

The bracketed direction (open hands) is not spoken, but is an indication to the performer to open their hands wide as a dramatic gesture.

Examples of optional instruments - all playing a very quiet tremolo:

Three players on low drums with soft sticks

Any three low notes on marimba or vibraphone

Three groups of strings quite drumming fingers on the instrument bodies.

The three players/groups enter as indicated in relation to the text - [1], [2], [3] - and stop, fade, crescendo where indicated.



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