Paul Burnell

10 Dec 2019
New album 'Griff Said Ruff'
22 tracks released 31 December 2019. Sheet music available now.

Twenty-two songs feature on the forthcoming album 'Griff Said Ruff' which will be available from digital music stores on 31 December 2019.

Advance listening possible through this link  from the album's distributor The Orchard, or by pasting the below into your browser:

Scores and parts for all pieces on the album are available from MusicaNeo.

Track listing:

1.La Vie est la Vie Vide/ 2.Griff Said Ruff/ 3.Jer Jer Jer Jer/ 4.I Know / 5. Stop Please Wait / 6.The Count of Multiple Choices / 7.Walk It up the Hill / 8.Shake It All Around / 9.Go Back to Hear the Start / 10.Hum / 11. We'll Spin Stars / 12.C C C / 13.Fetch / 14. My Lost Time / 15.We Better Get Ready to Go Go / 16.Turn Left Turn Right Move On / 17.Don't Go / 18.What Did You Say? / 19.Another One of Us / 20.Nearly the Final Time / 21.The Rope is Strong / 22.Let Go Let Go



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