Paul Burnell

The Troubles of an Automaton, or The Table and the Chair - For Cimbalom or other instruments, three Gongs, Bass Drum and Narrator

Paul Burnell
Edward Lear, Clementina Black
Paul Burnell
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Hackbrett, Gong, Grosse Trommel, Erzähler
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The Troubles of an Automaton, or The Table and the Chair.

Composed Paul Burnell 2019.

Duration c.5:45 (c.6:30 if performed with optional additional ending and A6 narration)

For Cimbalom or other instruments, three Gongs, Bass Drum and Narrator

Text: Clementina Maria Black (1853-1922) / Edward Lear (1812-1888)

Note: The associated recording is of the version using the text by Clementina Maria Black.

First performed by Jordan Wright-Murray on 30 May 2019.

The Cimbalom part may be played on a chromatic hammered dulcimer or hackbrett or any other instruments.

Gongs - ideally 3 bossed/tuned gongs, non-specific pitches: high, medium, low. Bass drum - ideally an orchestral bass drum.

The octave lower transposition indications in the cimbalom part are optional and when given beneath two-note chords only apply to the lower note. From bar 62 to the end the cimbalom may be played an octave higher than written. The cimbalom and gongs are played laissez vibrer throughout. The bass drum is played laissez vibrer, except where marked with x on stem (for example in bar 32), indicating dead stick technique.

The narrator may choose one of two texts:

A: The Troubles of an Automaton (Excerpt) by Clementina Maria Black

B: The Table and the Chair by Edward Lear.

The start of each section of Narrator text is indicated in the score with boxed text. Where necessary the end of a text section is shown as unboxed text. The additional section after Fine 1, starting at bar 101, is optional and can be performed with or without the A6 narration. It is also possible to perform the whole piece without the Narrator, provided the texts are available to the audience.

Programme note:
This piece may be performed with one of two texts: 'The Troubles of an Automaton (Excerpt)' or 'The Table and the Chair'. 'The Troubles of an Automaton' was written by Clementina Maria Black (1853-1922) and published in the New Quarterly Magazine in 1876. The story begins with a fictional advertisement announcing a public exhibition of "Mr. Slade's Famous Chess-Playing Automaton". 'The Table and the Chair' by Edward Lear (1812 - 1888) appeared in his collection 'Nonsense Songs' published in 1870. In the poem a table and a chair go for a walk around town, become lost, are taken back to their house by a group of small animals, and then dine and dance together.

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