Paul Burnell

10 Jan 2013
Face Each Aged Ache - uploaded
Title track of new album

The second of several pieces to be uploaded that appear on the new album 'Face Each Aged Ache'

Here is link to album on iTunes:  Face Each Aged Ache
The score is a very simple 'graphic' score - a table of letter names. 
For instruments in C and / or F (or in Bb and / or Eb)

Play letter names as notes. H = B natural . Transposing instruments play as written.

Perform as chords using letters arranged vertically. Players move between lines and / or perform as a round spaced one row apart. Repeat ad lib. Each note / chord = 4 to 8 seconds.

The attached recording is an example of how the piece could be interpreted.

There is no set duration.



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