Paul Burnell

28 Aug 2017, Article
'And She Flew' in concert
Jillian Bain Christie, Rosie Bergonzi, Catherine Herriott are performing at Morley College in October.   ' And She Flew' is included in the programme. The music is available from Musicaneo. ‘And She Flew’ was composed by Paul Burnell in 2006 and was first performed by percussionist Chris Brannick. The piece can be performed as a solo or together with accompanying instruments playing a quiet tremolo. The performer speaks rhythmically and at the same time rubs together the palms of their ...
03 Jul 2017, Article
Upcoming performances by CoMA Ensembles in July 2017
The CoMA Bolton and Salford ensemble, conductor Stuart Hazleton, are performing two pieces by Paul Burnell as part of the Music for Youth National Festival at the CBSO Centre, Birmingham, UK on 6 July 2017 at 17:15. The fifty-strong youth ensemble (ages 13-19) will be playing: Paul Burnell - Four Minutes, Four Daydreams Stephen Montague - Dead Cat Bounce Howard Skempton - Sirens Paul Burnell - Subside The annual Music for Youth National Festival takes place in July and ...
20 Apr 2017, Article
'Little Era Ending Songs' now published and performance, Sat 22 April 2017
Chris Brannick (percussion) and Sara Stowe (soprano) will perform an eclectic programme of music for percussion and soprano - described as  'East and West, medieval and contemporary, folk and theatre' Saturday, 22 April 2017, 7.00pm. St Mary's Church, Hay-on-Wye, UK. The concert includes a collection of songs written by Paul Burnell - 'Little Era Ending Songs' - dedicated to Chris Brannick and Sara Stowe - and which are now available from MusicaNeo. The ‘Little Era Ending Songs’ are for ...
17 Feb 2017, Article
Sheet Music now available for 'Acute Suites'
The album 'Acute Suites' is released in March 2017.  Scores and parts are now available from MusicaNeo.  The pieces on the new album are: Acute Suite No. 1 -  ensemble in four parts with optional percussion, optional keyboard and optional bass Acute Suite No. 2 -  ensemble in three parts with optional bass and percussion Acute Suite No. 3 -  ensemble in four parts Many-Coloured Glass -  Toy Piano, or similar instrument, with optional drone and/or pre-recorded ...
22 Aug 2016, Article
Read review of piano album 'It May Have Been'
A review by Frances Magdalene Wilson on her blog  'The Cross-Eyed Pianist' "there is sophistication in the careful placing of notes to create subtle shadings, unexpected harmonies and suspended sounds."
21 Jul 2016, Article
Recorder Magazine review of 'In the Margins'
'In the Margins', written for The Stanesby Players, reviewed by Adam J Dopadlik in Recorder Magazine: “… a work of inspired creativity, no doubt owing much to the musicianship of Andrew Collis (recorder), Ibrahim Aziz (viol), and Akiko Imai (harpsichord) in addition to the compositional skills of Paul Burnell.” (blush)
19 Jul 2016, Article
Read article about 'Kiss'
Composer Robert Percy has written about 'Kiss' - a flexibly-scored piece by Paul Burnell -  on the  British Music Collection website  - part of Sound and Music.   "I’m drawn to compositions that possess a purity of idea and Kiss has this.​"
02 Jul 2016, Article
Watch Video 'It May Have Been'
A short video of Paul Burnell describing an album of piano pieces played by James Bacon. The album is released 4 July 2016
09 Jun 2016, Article
'Open Score' London Sinfonietta album
An album of recordings by the London Sinfonietta, conductor Gregory Rose, has been digitally released by NMC.   It features flexibly-scored pieces commissioned by CoMA - Contemporary Music for All - including '4 Minutes - 4 Daydreams' by Paul Burnell
12 Nov 2015, Article
'Accompanied Readings Vol. 1' album released December 2015
The first of two volumes of Accompanied Readings will be released on December 7.  'Accompanied Readings Vol. 1' includes settings of seven texts published at the end of the 19th century, including Oscar Wilde's 'The Ballad of Reading Gaol' and 'The Piano-Organ' by Amy Levy. The narrations are by Paul Burnell, with Karen Burnell narrating an excerpt from 'The Yellow Wallpaper' by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The instrumentation varies for each piece, and ranges from recorder quartet to electric guitars ...
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