Paul Burnell

04 Dec 2014
An upside down piece?
An Upended Version of Chanson Bohème, for solo instrument and keyboard and/or other instruments

Paul Burnell has written a number of pieces that are inspired by the works by other composers.  The latest of these to be uploaded to MusicaNeo is 'An Upended Version of Chanson Bohème' for solo instrument and/or other instruments.  The piece was written in 2014 and is just over five minutes long.

The Chanson Bohème ('Les tringles des sistres tintaient') is sung by the characters Carmen, Frasquita and Mercédès in act two of the opera 'Carmen' composed by Georges Bizet and first performed in 1875. This piece, for solo instrument and keyboard and/or other instruments, is an 'upended' version of Bizet's composition. 

The piece may be performed by a variety of different ensembles; the most obvious being a solo instrument and keyboard. The keyboard instrument could be a piano, or toy piano, celesta, organ,accordion etc. The piece can also be played by an homogenous ensemble such as a string quartet or recorder quartet, or by a mixed ensemble of instruments. If many instrumentsare available, then the instrumentation may change throughout the piece, sympathetic to the overall structure.  The dynamic levels are generally quiet, but may be varied at the discretion of the performers.



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