Paul Burnell

17 Feb 2017
Sheet Music now available for 'Acute Suites'
Scores and Parts available

The album 'Acute Suites' is released in March 2017.  Scores and parts are now available from MusicaNeo. 
The pieces on the new album are:

Acute Suite No. 1 - ensemble in four parts with optional percussion, optional keyboard and optional bass

Acute Suite No. 2 - ensemble in three parts with optional bass and percussion

Acute Suite No. 3 - ensemble in four parts

Many-Coloured Glass - Toy Piano, or similar instrument, with optional drone and/or pre-recorded backing track

I, Cog - Harpsichord with optional percussion or recorded looped percussion samples

Three Additional Pieces - instruments with simple accompaniments and optional percussion

A Sable Brushstroke Version of Moravian Folksong No. 10 - Recorder quartet S, A, T, B with optional drone

An Upended Version of Chanson Bohème - solo instrument and keyboard and/or other instruments

Three Opaques - Tenor horn in E flat and piano

A Little Keyboard Suite - Toy piano, or celesta, or piano, with optional drones

The album is due for release on 6 March 2017 and will be available from digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon and Googleplay and the CD available from CDbaby.



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